Office cleaning in the typical office building is different than office cleaning in medical facilities is. Carrying out commercial cleaning in medical facilities you must make certain that you are disinfecting and treating every area that patients might come into contact with so that all germs are killed and you slow the progression of disease. In the typical waiting room the person doing the cleaning will come in and straighten the magazines, throw away any obvious trash, and empty the waste basket.

They might sweep if the floors are not carpeted, and if they are carpeted they will usually run a vacuum over the area to pick up any trash. In a medical facility the office cleaning of the patient waiting area is much more complicated than the cleaning of the typical waiting area in other offices. There are a few options to consider when you need commercial medical office cleaning services. Whether you need the windows cleaned on the outside or inside of the building to make them look streak free. No matter if you need office cleaning, retail or even a medical office cleaned from top to bottom there is a cleaning solution to fit every need and budget.

In a medical facility the magazines that are provided for the patients to view while they wait should be covered in plastic sleeves. The person cleaning the room should wipe each of these plastic sleeves down using a disinfectant before they place them on the rack where they are kept. The cleaning person needs to wipe down every magazine holder because each one was potentially exposed to a virus, or germ that could cause an illness in the next person that touches it.

The furniture in a normal waiting area is disinfected about once a month, but in a medical facility each piece of furniture has to be completely wiped down with a disinfecting cleaner at the end of each day. Medical Office Cleaning Melbourne the room must wipe every portion of the chairs, benches, and tables with a disinfectant to be sure that any lingering germs are eradicated before patients come back into the waiting area the next day. Even potted plants must be wiped down or spritzed with a disinfectant to make certain that no germs are hiding in their foliage.

Cleanmaster International is aware of the intricacies of commercial medical office cleaning and we are certified in all the necessary safety processes required to clean a medical environment thoroughly and efficiently.

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