The outbreak of COVID-19 has prompted Cleanmaster to implement rigorous virus cleaning solutions to include high-level sanitisation and disinfection to help prevent and eliminate the potential spread of the virus.

As the market leader in Covid-19 Prevention cleaning, we have been leaders in setting the standards for the cleaning industry.

With over 200 sites cleaned daily during the Level 4 stages of lockdown, Cleanmaster has continued to improve both the cleaning systems and our contact tracing of all staff, technical advisors and management teams that enter onto sites.

Our policy also provides that all team members complete health declarations before entering onto sites. Our systems include

  • • Proven Products designed for the prevention of COVID-19 on surfaces
  • • Three months supply of PPE, Chemical Products and Consumables
  • • UV & Electrostatic systems for use in high use staff areas
  • • Tracking and monitoring of staff
  • • ATP testing is also available for all sites as part of our microbiological testing systems

A clean that measures up.

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