Sweeping and scrubbing solutions for
seriously clean floors.

Superior floor and hard surface cleaning

Regular floor and hard surface maintenance keeps workspaces free of dust, dirt and grime. Sweeping and scrubbing is key to provide a comfortable, healthier and safer working environment. A clean work site also creates a positive and proactive impression with customers and business partners. For CleanMaster, floor sweeping and scrubbing is part of our core business. We have the expertise and equipment to deliver the best results with a strong commitment to providing our clients with a prompt, reliable and efficient sweeping and scrubbing service.

No cleaning job too big or too small

We tailor sweeping and scrubbing solutions specific to clients needs and can cater to floor cleaning requirements across a range of facilities – factory, warehouse, industrial units, workshops, carparks or transport yards.

Professional floor scrubbing done efficiently

CleanMaster uses industry best practices and equipment for every floor sweeping and scrubbing job. This means better results with efficiency cost-savings passed on to the client.

Affordable rates – no mileage charge

We understand that every customer has unique cleaning needs and that is why we assess each job to provide a free, no-obligation quote. We focus on the most cost-effective solution to meet both those needs and budget.

Our floor cleaning solutions

Floor Sweeping Services

Industrial sweeping can help increase productivity, increase worker safety, reduce product contamination and can maintain a businesses professional and quality image. Our power sweeping equipment is the fast and effective way to clean large sites.

Power Scrubbing For Floors

For harder to clean surfaces, our specialised scrubbing equipment uses rotating brushes and detergents that combine to cut through, loosen and remove dirt and grime. It’s the total refurbishment solution for floors with a build up of stubborn grime.

Water Blasting

High pressure water blasting is the ideal solution for harder to reach and problem areas. Not only floors but also walls and other hard surfaces that are susceptible to a build-up of dust, dirt and grime. We can tackle all situations.

Sweeping & scrubbing in action

Here is a sample of jobs we have undertaken.

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A clean that measures up.

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