Running an aged care facility takes a great deal of organisation and requires significant attention to detail as well as proper care for all residents.

A key component of running an aged care facility is the cleaning process that is chosen to ensure that the aged care facility is maintained in tip top condition.

While some aspects of commercial cleaning, like sweeping, dusting and mopping remain constants in the cleaning process, a thorough understanding of the needs and  hygiene requirements of aged care facilities is needed to perform the cleaning functions to the highest possible standards.

The choice of the right aged care cleaning company becomes a critical one.

It is essential that commercial cleaners have a thorough understanding of the particular cleaning needs of any aged care facilities. Once this understanding s gained, rigorous training of all staff likely to be involved in the cleaning process should be conducted to ensure that cleaning standards are uniformly practised across the whole facility.

To support this process, Cleanmaster International will institute processes and structures to ensure that there is an effective system in place to clean all areas to a required standard. Comprehensive check lists should be developed to reference and adhere to. Standard disposal of waste procedures must be agreed to and maintained. In all these areas there should be a clear documentation chain that shows who did what when.

Naturally, in a busy environment like an aged care facility, it is imperative that cleaning is conducted at the most convenient times to avoid disruptions to residents and staff alike.

Cleaning of an aged care facility is something that can’t be left to chance. Poorly cleaned premises will not only lead to poor image problems but potentially harmful and expensive disease outbreaks – potentially creating bad publicity as well as litigation problems. Having confidence that your cleaning company can and will maintain the cleanliness of your facility is paramount. That’s where we come in.

Cleanmaster International has the expertise, staff and ability to cater for your aged care facility cleaning needs. Call us today to arrange for one of our consultants to visit your facility and assess your requirements. You can rely upon us to be thorough in our assessment and transparent in our recommendations.

A clean that measures up.

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