Cleanmaster International is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality cleaning services at competitive prices. The consistently high standard of service we provide is unparalleled in New Zealand's industrial cleaning industry and has garnered us a reputation as an industry leader.  Our loyal clientele base of factory businesses and industrial operators who choose to work with us time and time again due to the thoroughness, efficiency, and professionalism our cleaning experts bring to every job they undertake is a testament to our capabilities.

Unlike many cleaning agencies who approach factory work in the same way they would clean a commercial or domestic space, we have specialised processes to ensure the job is done properly. We recognize that in an industrial workplace, where safety can depend on cleanliness, processes need to be much more stringent than in other environments. Because of this, we have tailored our processes to accommodate the meticulous cleanliness requirements of the industrial workplace.

Ensure your workplace is safe and well maintained with professional services from Cleanmaster International. Ensuring your factory floor or industrial workplace remains clean is a vital aspect of workplace Occupational Health & Safety as well as production processes. A working environment that isn’t properly cleaned reduces productivity and ultimately damages the image of your brand. Cleanmaster International can help ensure your factory or industrial workplace remains safe, clean and well maintained with our expert cleaning services.

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